Muddy River Haunt

Twisted Circus

                                  Lantern Pillars





What you need:



            -(4) 2’X 7’

            -(4) 16” X 7’


Foam board

(I later used wood for the window frames)

            -(1) 1”X 24”X 36” (for window frames)


            -(2) 1”X 18” X 26” (on top of pillar)

            -(2) 1”X 20”X 28”

            -(2) 1”X 22” X 30”



3 pieces of 1”X 1”X 8’ cut down into (24) 1”X 1”X 3” (for support inside the pillar)


2 pieces of 1”X 1”X 12” (to hang the lantern from)


-Black and white paint

-Wall filler





  1. Draw and cut out the windows out of your 1”X 24”X 36” foam board.



  1. Drill out the hole of the same design of 2 of the 2’X 7’ hardboard.




  1. Screw all the hardboard together with the 1”X 1”X 3” for support. I kept one side open for now so I could paint inside later with any problem. I used 3 rows of 4

1”X 1”X 3” and the pillars were extremely sturdy.

I screwed in a 1”X 1”X 12” over each window because my lanterns were later wired to them so they could hang down.




  1. I simply hot glued the foam for the windows because I will soon cover it with the wall filler to give it all the support it needs.




  1. The painting is in three steps so give yourself the time!


First cover the pillars in the wall filler. Bumps and unsmooth surface is fine since it will give the pillars more texture after you are completely done. Let dry.

Secondly, paint the pillars black. Let dry.



Now paint the pillars a light grey of your choice, the lighter the better because the effect will be more noticeable with more contrast between the black paint. At the same time as painting, use a spray bottle of water and spray the still wet pillars in certain spots. Let the paint run.





I suggest testing it first on a scrap piece of wood or foam. Make sure you like the look. Remember, it will be dark if they are outside of the Haunt, so any small drips or runs will be hardly noticeable.




  1. Cover the (2) 1”X 18” X 26”, (2) 1”X 20”X 28”, (2) 1”X 22” X 30” will wall filler and let dry. Paint them and you can now place the one on top of each other, and place them on top of your pillars.




I was lucky enough to find solar power lanterns that recharge and do not need any wiring what so ever.


Easy and amazing looking at night!


Happy Hauntings,