Muddy River Haunt

Twisted Circus

Alien Chamber



What you need:

Aluminium Flashing:
-1 sheet 3 ½' X 7'
-2 sheets 3' X 16”
-1 sheet 1' X 7'

-Plexiglass (Clear acrylic sheet)
-1 sheet 5' X 3'X 0.016” (Thin enough to bend without cracking or without too much pressure)
2X4 wood:
-(4) 2”X 4”X 7'
-(4) 2”X 4”X 3'
-(2) 1”X 3”X 2'

-Some pieces of thin lattice board

Fog machine, pipe, strobe light

I got the plexiglass professionally cut to avoid any problems with cracking. 




1. Wood Frame                                    


Screw together your frame. It is important to make a box and all the braces to really support the pressure of the flashing and plexiglass pulling outward.

Red - 2” X 4” X 7'

Green -1” X 3” X 1'

Blue - 1” X 3” X 3'


2. Measuring out the plexiglass

My mistake was I screwed in the side flashing first BEFORE the plexiglass, so by the end, the plexiglass overlapped the flashing on each side. Luckily, it wasn't noticeable but putting the plexiglass in NOW would look a lot better in the end.



The plexiglass did start to split so I screwed on a small piece of lattice board and it definitely gave it a lot more support.

I decided not to remover the film on the plexiglass so it gave it a green tint.


3. Aluminum Frame



This is when you should screw on the flashing unlike what I did at first.

The flashing was thin enough to screw it to the frame without any problems. 




I screwed the side flashing than the bottom, and the top. This would cover all sides of the plexiglass, as well as the lattice board.

NOTE: I chose to drill a hole out of the top flashing and stuck a pipe out of the hole. I will later put in a fog machine inside the capsule.

This is what it should look like by now with the plexiglass ends under the flashing. 




4. Fog Machine

This is when I attached a fog machine to a 1”X 3” so the machine could hang from the top of the frame. 


The fog machine had an adjustable handle so I could adjust it perfectly to the pipe. I also used a strobe light and screwed it to the top of the frame.



5. Finishing it off



I bought an alien prop from ( ) that fit perfectly in my capsule after putting in a backboard to support it. I simply used a garbage bag behind it and it looked amazing at night with the strobe light. Cellophane would also be a good substitute.






This prop was a big hits and for under $300 Canadian (Alien included). IT WAS WORTH IT! The garbage bag and tinted plexiglass gave the illusion that it was liquid filled. The Trick-or-Treaters were hypnotized by the 7-foot alien chamber! Good luck and Happy Haunting,