Muddy River Haunt

Twisted Circus

About Us

 All the actors in the Haunt are family and friends. There are over 25 of my family members who volunteer each year to make this all possible. I am extremely lucky to have so many people who are dedicated to acting in my Haunt and without them, I would never be able to create any of this. I dream it up and they make it possible.


Muddy River Haunt donates each year to a different charity in Manitoba. There is no admission charge, but we accept donations. Last year we raised over $1200 for Wildlife Haven, in 2012 we donated to Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue in memory of our dog, Brie. In 2010, we raised over $800 for Darcy’s Animal Rescue Centre, a no-kill non-profit organization that is struggling to keep up with the amount of stray animals in Winnipeg. Previously, we raised funds for the Winnipeg Humane Society.

 Here are the links to these organizations:



In memory of Brie

Donations made in 2012 to Hull's Haven, the shelter where we adopted our dog.