Muddy River Haunt

Twisted Circus

TwisTed CirCus- 2015
 The carnival returns but at a new location. We are currently located at 119 Minnetonka Street. Welcome to the freak show! Go behind the scenes and see what frightful things happen in this carnival of horrors. With over 20 actors, you will encounter evil clowns and freaks at every turn.  This haunt is not appropriate for very young children. Lots of scaring, grabbing, loud sounds, screaming and frightening scenes.
Date: Friday, Oct.30 from 6:30pm-9:30pm
         Saturday, Oct.31 from 6:30pm-9:30pm
Cost: FREE,accepting donations for Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba
Location: 119 Minnetonka Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Mid-Century mayhem- 2013
Come visit our safe house, in a post-apocalyptic 1950s era where zombies are a threat. Guide your way through the house, before zombies break through to the other side. We raised over $1200 for Wildlife Haven. I would like to thank everyone who donated their time or money to this cause.



VAULT 66 Zombie Apocalypse -2012
Welcome to the end of the world. Zombies parade through the streets looking for their next victim. Come find shelter in the zombie shelter, Vault 66. Military quarantine the area, protecting those who are left. Hopefully the walls can contain the chaos outside. We raised over $1000 for Wildlife Haven.
TwIsTeD Circus- 2010
Welcomed guests had the chance to go behind the scenes and see what frightful things happen in this carnival of horrors and our haunted petting zoo! There were over 20 actors waiting for the perfect scare. Some came out of picture frames hanging on the wall and others grabbed at visitors from behind cages. We raised over $800 for Wild Life Haven.
In 2009, we had the Doll Factory, a crowd favourite.  This included 9 rooms, from the sewing room, the assembly room, the makeup room and the tailor's office.  We had 1200 trick or treaters and 23 actors.  We did not have any advertising, so the turnout was very high for the lack of promotion.  We raised over $500 for a local charity, Quagga Animal Rescue Center.
In 2007, we had an Asylum theme, complete with 9 separate rooms, including a Waiting Room, Check-In counter, Doctor's Office, Criminally Insane hallway, Surgery Room (you know there were chain-saws!), Solitary Confinement Chamber (and a Hannibal-looking actor!), a Freezer were we hang the bodies, and maybe some that are still alive, and a wicked Morgue Room. There were 23 actors dressed in full costume just waiting behind any corner! We had over 1500 T.O.T, which is pretty much the limit for one night, we could not have jammed another body in the Haunt. It was an amazing night. We had a lot of press, 2 newspapers, 4 T.V channels and we put up many ads. We also raised over $800 for the Winnipeg Humane Society.